Loomer is...
Lynda Mandolyn: vocals, bass, guitar, synths
Hugh Caley: guitar, bass, drums, synths, sequencing
Serge Vladimiroff: guitar, bass, synths, sequencing

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Loomer's Debut CD
World Tipped Blue
CD/LP, ©1998
Textured bliss rock with sultry vocals.
"Lynda Mandolyn is the centerpiece of this three-piece combo with her lush vocal melodies and vivid soundscapes...Loomer puts out music that drowns the listener in its own spirit and a price tag cannot be put on that." --Roger Thornhill, The Bag Press
  1. World Tipped Blue [ MP3 ]
  2. Leave This World
  3. I Don't Know What You Want From Me [ MP3 ]
  4. Queen Libertine
  5. Sustainer [ MP3 ]
  6. Baby Murder Crazy Mother Suicide
  7. Free Dirt
  8. I'm Coming Down
  9. Viperine
  10. Throw Me Away
  11. Eyelite
  12. Nitrous

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