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the guilty party
It Doesn't Hurt
CD/LP, ©2006
Ten powerful and stunning new songs from the guilty party. Recorded entirely in their home studio with producer/engineer Doug Hilsinger.
Listen: 1000 x Yes (mp3) | A Woman's Touch (mp3)
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the guilty party
five songs
CD/EP, ©2004
"...her sexy haunting voice delicately coaxes violent guitar shards, textured drones and a rhythm section of well-oiled precision into heartfelt songs of despair, love lost and excess."
Listen: Lapse (mp3) | Hit You (mp3)
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Plasma Bat
CD/LP, ©2002
Eccentric pop and some progressive quirk with dreamy, ethereal and spacey overtones, touches of brit pop, glam and smooth jazz.
Listen: I'm Your Dentist, Girl (mp3) | The Lights Go Out (mp3)
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Sounding Rockets
CD/LP, ©2002
Thirteen tracks of detached bliss and interplanetary lust from this experimental electronic duo.
Listen: She Orbits (mp3) | Rhyolite (mp3) | Look in the Lines (mp3)
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Fabulous Disaster
Pretty Killers SOLD OUT
CD/LP, ©1999
These chicks deliver 18 tracks of blistering punk pop. Recorded live, no overdubs!
Listen: Frighten You (mp3) | Spoiled (mp3) | Black and Blue (mp3)
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Not Feeling Quite Like Yourself Today?
CD/LP, ©1998
Weird 'n' sleazy dark sci-fi rock 'n' roll produced by Billy Anderson.
Listen: Freak (mp3) | Superstar (mp3)
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World Tipped Blue
CD/LP, ©1998
Textured bliss rock with sultry vocals.
Listen: I Don't Know What You Want From Me (mp3) | World Tipped Blue (mp3) | Sustainer (mp3)
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Lickitty Clit
Lickitty Clit
CD/LP, ©1998
Sample & groove heavy industrial clit rock.
Listen: Lickitty Clit (mp3) | Ass Bitch (Pretty Flowers) (mp3)
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Dyke Fight Tonight!
3 song 7 inch, ©1998
In your face pop-punk blast.
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