Clone are in the business of producing musical evils, alchohol-induced and demon possessed. This is sci-fi horror rock from the gates of hell. --Thrasher Magazine

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Clone is...
Xtra Schneider: vox, guitar
Liz E Beta: bass
Kell Fiyah: synth & samples
Count Vlad: guitar
Mick Snake: drums

Sadly, Clone is on an extended hiatus. We hope to hear more soon!

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Debut CD from Clone
Not Feeling Quite Like Yourself Today?
CD/LP, ©1998
Weird 'n' sleazy dark sci-fi rock 'n' roll produced by Billy Anderson.
"Featuring the bass playing pluck of ex-7 Year Bitch Elizabeth Davis and fronted by Xtra Schneider, the band packs a load of future-o fury; picture a sci-fi movie about killer chick robots run amok with a soundtrack by Big Black and Poly Styrene. Scary stuff!" --The Rocket, Portland, OR
  1. (0:22)
  2. Freak (4:22) [ MP3 | RealAudio ]
  3. (0:32)
  4. Superstar (5:03) [ MP3 | RealAudio ]
  5. Lullaby for Kikki (3:44)
  6. Throw Me a Bone (4:13) [ RealAudio ]
  7. Spasmo (5:11)
  8. (1:04)
  9. I Lost My Head on the Floor (4:36) [ RealAudio ]
  10. (1:07)
  11. (1:13)

Clone live, August 3rd, 2001 at Kimo's in San Francisco, new photos by Jessie Trashed of the Subtonix and the Vanishing. More photos from this show at

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